besuch-hyeon-sukYet another Korean-German partnership was established with the visit of the Director of UCRF (UNIST Central Research Facilities) Prof. Dr. Hyeon Suk Shin and his Ph.D. student Youngjin Park in the Physical Chemistry chair of Prof. Alexander Eychmüller (TU Dresden) on the 17th till 20th of October 2016. After a warm welcome, Prof. Eychmüller and his two Ph.D. candidates Christian Meerbach and Christoph Bauer were eager to discuss the organization of the intercultural exchange and the upcoming research with their Korean partners, which will focus on nanostructured monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) for material-efficient hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). Firstly focusing on the synthesis of copper chalcogenide Cu2-xA (A = S, Se, Te) nanosheets which will be employed as template in cation-exchange for a variety of 2D TMDs (such as MoA2, WA2, ZrA2, TiA2, etc.). We were then later discussing both groups cooperation Ph.D.student recent results on this topic to extract our overall knowledge and possible cooperating fields. In this both the Korean and German group demonstrated a successful preparation of copper chalcogenide nanosheets. Furthermore we showed different methods of cation exchange and an insight in the schlenk-line technique. To optimize our preparation skills the students worked together on the first cation-exchange in the laboratory.

After a conjoint lunch Prof. Dr. Hyeon Suk Shin presented his groups work on 2D-layered graphene, hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) and TMDs.

During their stay in Dresden we also showed our Korean visitor the city’s famous sights and provided them with a small tour with some history background. Our guests highlight was the traditional food and beer at local restaurant Brauhaus Watzke.


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