We are pleased to announce that Prof. Jong Souk Yeo, one of our partner from Yonsei University, is visiting us in July. He will give a seminar talk on July 5th at 10am in Hallwachsstr. 3, Seminar room.

Nature-Inspired Approach to Nanotechnology

Biomimetics, Biomimicry, Nature-Inspired, or Biologically Inspired technologies are all referring to the emerging fields where innovations are strongly influenced by the wisdom from nature or biological systems. Biomimetics is the scientific approach of learning new principles and processes based on systematic study of living organisms, plants, or animals in order to develop novel engineering systems through the convergence of biology, materials science, cognitive science, robotics, and nanotechnology. Especially, the multi-functionality offered by the nature can enable various applications with the help of nanotechnology. Multiple levels of approaches are feasible from nature-inspiration – adaptation of how nature works, adoption of what nature provides, or replication of natural processes and functionalities for eco-friendly, sustainable, highly efficient technologies. In this talk, nature-inspired approaches to nanotechnology will be introduced for next generation technologies in displays, semiconductors, and sensors enabled by biomimetic surface, optical, electronic, or bio functionalities.